What got me into the barbell club was my dad (Patrick) and brother Mason were doing weightlifting and my dad told me that there was a kids group I could go in and I was like, sure I’ll try it. At the time I was only playing soccer and I wanted to do other stuff so this was my chance. I got there and I was nervous and then I did some weightlifting and I just loved it. I just kept doing it.

My first impression was that I was pretty nervous and didn’t know what to expect. At the start to be honest, I wasn’t scared of having to drop the bar or getting hurt from dropping the bar on your knee or something, but I was just that motivated. I didn’t care, I just wanted to keep doing it. Now my impression is pretty much the same thing, I just want to get better every day and do it every day and it’s lots of fun. It was a pretty long time ago, I clean and jerked 36kg. That was over my body weight and it was a huge accomplishment. That was at a meet at Nationals and at the gym in youth barbell.

Coach Brian and I recently started doing private sessions again and I’m trying to get better technique. Trying to keep the back straight, it’s kind of a hard thing now because we haven’t been doing privates and I kinda forgot to do that. I’m also really working on getting that turn on the snatch and the clean and jerk. I’m trying to qualify for next year’s Nationals which will be hard. Once you turn 14 you have to lift more than normal for kids. For kids when you are in the 39kg weight class you have to lift a total of 39kg. Once you turn 14 you have to lift 70kg or something like that.

My favorite memory was at nationals this year hitting that 36kg to get 3rd place in clean and jerk. Even though I didn’t get credit for 3rd place, because another kid got the same weight before me, it just felt like a huge accomplishment.