Everyone has them. Some are worse than others. Many people start physical fitness training due to some insecurity.

Lose weight, look better naked, get stronger, be more explosive, etc…

These are all insecurities.

The funny thing is…when physical fitness training begins (no matter the goal), these insecurities tend to diminish. People get more confident in themselves. Maybe it’s because they actually do look better naked but maybe it’s deeper.

I think it’s because they proved to themselves that they CAN do it. Which means they can do a lot of other things they’re insecure about. Giving a presentation at work, asking for a raise, confronting someone, the list goes on…

I have always wanted to be strong. It started with my insecurity about my back injury. I thought I could never play hockey or be active again…and activity was my identity (or so I thought).

According to my fitness assessment, I’m actually fairly strong now. But do I think I’m strong? Nope…I’m still trapped comparing myself to other humans who are stronger than me.

W….T…..F…… Really Brian?

Why do we do this to ourselves? And what is the solution?

Maybe a Sports Psychologist or a professional Therapist can answer the first question (and probably help a ton with the second). But what I have found to be helpful is comparing my metrics over time. What were my numbers when I started strength training? How have they changed throughout my journey?

The best part is that I can perform better now on a bad day with no sleep than I could when I first started. That’s progress and it feels really good to see that perspective.

It works no matter what. Go back and rediscover your reason for starting. If you haven’t started yet, buckle up because this life long journey is totally worth the ride! Compare your reason for starting for where you’re at now. How have you improved? What are you working on now?

How do I prevent insecurities from paralyzing my improvement now? I don’t actually focus on the current goal. Once I set a reasonable goal, I focus on the process and all of the little habits that get me there. What can I do TODAY in THIS one hour that will help me to reach my goal. It helps with the insecurity.

Hopefully you know that everyone has insecurities and you’re not alone.

Nobody is judging you (not at our place anyways). We value the work you’re putting in no matter the goal. So come on in and be your best self.