From Rosanne Allen

Have you ever thought about what it is that drives you to work out?

Or is it like breathing or brushing your teeth? It’s just something you do every day.

As I was running, the other day, I started thinking about this. My training for the past, almost 12 years, has been focused on competing. Competing in CrossFit and weightlifting.

But the past 9 months my drive to work out has been different. My training specific to Weightlifting has taken a back seat and I’ve been focusing on my health and well-being, by managing my nutrition, sleep and stress. A lot of positives have come from my hard work, but I realized “something” was missing from my life. COMPETITION. I’ve been a competitor my whole life from growing up being a competitive gymnast to running races after college, until I found CrossFit and Weightlifting.

After talking with Brian, my coach, I decided I need to find something that I can once again, compete in. I looked into Powerlifting, strong woman and finally settled on signing up for a Tough Mudder race.

My programming has been specific to completing this race, hopefully in good time and in one piece. Though for me I want to place! I want to push myself beyond what I feel like I should do and continue to prove to my kids that, no matter your age, you can still compete, be active, be fit. I’m not sure as to why I can’t workout, just to workout. Or to do it for my health. But I don’t look at it that way. For whatever reason I need a goal (a meet, race, competition…), otherwise, I’m not motivated to train.

I do realize that working out or training is a byproduct of staying fit, feeling good, having the ability to move, lift things and climb mountains.

I encourage you to find what drives you to workout. What do you want out of your workouts? An overall healthier body? Clearer mind? Solid friendships? More flexibility? To be stronger? The competition? Whatever it is, do it for you and maybe even detour off the beaten path and try something new. A new class, a one on one session or sign up for a race, meet or competition. Get out of your comfort zone and you may discover or end up with a different reason to what drives you to train!

Stay Healthy!