By Jacob Sterny, Head Coach, Valhalla Barbell Club

Are you looking to buy some Christmas gifts for your weightlifting friend, but you’re still unsure on where to look for the best prices, deals, etc? Our “experts” here at Valhalla Barbell Club have combed through the vast landscape of the interwebs to bring a comprehensive list of the top products for your strong friends. With everything from Belts to Wraps your friend will not be disappointed (maybe not in you but probably in themselves for being unable to Snatch their body weight).


Belts are a valuable tool for a weightlifter to have when lifting heavy (above 90%), but they should not be relied on for lighter weights. Belt preference is all up to the lifter as some like a firmer belt and some prefer a more flexible option and yet some still prefer both for different things.  The options below are the best of both worlds that we could find that offer both performance and comfort when lifting some heavy sh*t.

Black Lifting Belt

  1. 2Pood Snake Eyes Straight Belt – Purchase Here – $59.99
    • What better way to start off than picking up the official belt of USAW? This 2Pood Belt is Velcro and a little more on the flexible side. It is also USAW compliant and typically has a good run time. 2Pood also has a pretty good customer service track record so if the belt breaks down they usually exchange it quickly. There are some more glittery options for those of you that like…glitter, but this simple black belt is durable and functions pretty well for a flexible belt.
  2. Eleiko Olympic WL Belt – Purchase Here – $49.99
    • The color of this belt has changed over the past year during Eleiko’s rebrand but it is still a valuable belt. Made of leather this belt offer a little more of a stiff response when lifting heavy. The only drawback with this leather belt is that the leather around the belt holes frays pretty easily and may not last as long as some belts.
  3. Harbinger 4″ Nylon Belt – Purchase Here – $16.99
    • Easily the best bang for your buck. This belt is the cheapest and does a good job for the price. These belts tend to last a long time and are pretty reliable with the only issue being related to a wearing of the Velcro over time.


Used by weightlifters when performing things such as overloaded pulls and deadlifts, straps are a valuable tool to save an athletes hands when trying to develop leg strength and speed. They also come in handy when performing High Rep complex work.straps

    1. Average Broz Lifting Straps – Purchase Here – $13.00
      • Being the most durable pair of straps I have purchased in a while I’m going to recommend these. They are fairly cheap and come in many color options. Outside of making them yourself these straps are usually right on the money and a good length.
    2. Strong Strong Supply Straps – Purchase Here – $12.00
      • We’ve heard some good things about these straps and they are one dollar cheaper than the Broz Strap…woo.


The best part about being a weightlifter is getting show off…well…everything when competing. What better way to say, “World here I am!”, than to do it in a kick ass singlet.

  1. Virus Performance Singlet – Purchase Here – $130.00
    • Hands down one of the best singlets on the market. It’s tough, tight and looks very fashionable. The use time on these is usually really long (especially if the athlete is only competing 2 to Virus Singlet3 times per year). Nothing new here as Virus does a great job with their materials and styling.
  2. Fleo Women’s Singlet – Purchase Here – $119.95
    • Fleo released this singlet over a year ago and it has been pretty popular since its release. Give this stylish number a look.




We will be putting out another equipment article prior to Christmas so be sure to keep an eye out. Also, if you enjoy our content and have something you’d like to see shoot us an email at


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