• Do you frequently have to modify workouts that include double unders just due to not having the skill?
  • Do you always tell yourself you’re going to schedule a Private Training Session to figure out how to do them? (and then you don’t)
  • Did you score less than Orange In the Neurological and Core Endurance Category in your Level Method Test?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you would probably benefit from coming to our clinic. It’s true that you can still get a good workout from doing modified single unders, but it will just never quite feel the same as the double under. The workouts that include the double under are varied but they are all supposed to include a higher degree of neurological difficulty as well as a more intense stimulus. The single under does not achieve this.

The double under seems to be this elusive skill that only ‘elite’ athletes can master naturally. This just isn’t the case. National Level Snatches and Clean & Jerks, Uprises, Levers, Iron Crosses and other very high skill movements are very difficult to master. The Double Under just takes a professional to show the way followed by deliberate practice. We’ll have two professionals at the clinic who will give homework!

Let us show you the skill and then how to actually purposefully practice the double under in our clinic. We’ll also retest neurological and core endurance at the end of the clinic. If you’re not part of Ideal Collaborative and CutThroat CrossFit, no big deal. You’ll have your own test at the end of the clinic.