By Jake Sterny, Head Coach, Valhalla Barbell Club


With the end of the year coming to a close and everyone getting into reflection mode I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all of my athletes and our club. I’d like to discuss the beginnings of Valhalla.


The Beginnings of Valhalla


A little over two years ago I was being walked through a facility in transition.  Ideal Collaborative and Cutthroat CrossFit (at the time titled just Cutthroat CrossFit) was expanding.  A massive center wall was being taken out between the WOD space and adjacent warehouse space and the law office mirroring the Cutthroat lobby was being converted into available training space as well.  


Looking at the space it was not much.  The warehouse was filled with junk. The back office space was still structured as offices with some pretty sexy drop ceiling tile.  I was nervous but I believed. The owner Brian had a vision.


Valhalla Today


Today we have one of the most successful clubs in the state of Colorado.  We carry National and World champion caliber athletes from the Youth Category all the way to Masters. We have record holders.  We’re building an excellent stable of up and coming Junior athletes. Hell we even have a group of badass beginners that love the sport and are some of the most dedicated and hardworking athletes I’ve ever been around.


The future is bright in Valhalla.  To my athletes, we are on a mission.  As a coach it makes me very proud to see your progress.  Each and every one of you are why I got into coaching and why I feel blessed to call myself your coach.  Keep training hard, pushing yourselves and competing. Never stop competing.


Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!


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