By Jacob Sterny, Head Coach, Valhalla Barbell Club

Today I wanted to take some time and highlight some of the special services, programs and other tid-bits that we offer here at Valhalla. First, I’m going to touch on the myriad of quality programs we offer to our population, then I’m going to break down our coaching and the various age groups we cover in our programming. Enjoy!

Programs on Programs

Valhalla Team Cycle


The Valhalla Team Cycle is a 4 day/week program written in 4 Week Cycles focusing on technique, pulling positions and general overall strength progressions. This periodized program is centered around the local meet calendar and peaks for specific competitions that the coaching staff has chosen for the athletes. The further the team is from our next competition the more General Physical work the cycle contains, leading not only to classic lift progression but overall strength and athletic progression as well. Athletes who sign up for this program receive an active link to the program document where they can receive the most updated version of the program right on their phone. This program has led our athletes to local and national podium finishes.


Athletic Performance


This 3 Day/week program is designed for athletes of middle school age all the way through those in collegiate levels of competition. The Athletic Performance Program (AP) differs from the Valhalla Team Cycle in that there is more focus on classic strength movements such as the Back Squat or Deadlift to improve general overall strength for sports performance. The overall concept of these cycles are meant to take advantage of the training method of Post Activation Potentiation to improve overall strength as well as explosiveness. This program is perfect for the athlete looking to dominate their sport or simply improve their overall athleticism. The AP Cycle has helped younger local athletes reach Varsity level in their sport early on in their athletic careers.


Individual Design


Those on Individual Design (ID) Cycles are given custom programming written specifically to help them reach their goals. These programs are delivered over the TRUCoach Application allowing for logging capabilities and a direct line of communication with the Coach that has written said program. This program is perfect for the individual who is not quite ready to become a full time weightlifting athlete and would still like to have the variety of some fitness aspects left in their program. These cycles are also perfect for anyone who has aspirations of competing on a higher level in the sport of weightlifting. Unlike the Valhalla Team Cycle the programs designed for these athletes are specific to what an athlete needs to become nationally competitive in the sport of weightlifting.


Youth Barbell Club/ Youth Athletic Performance


This 2 day/week program is designed specifically for a younger population of athlete with the intent of either competing in the sport of weightlifting or improving their general overall athletic performance. This program contains the Classic Snatch and Clean & Jerk as well as more general strength, agility and speed work to improve overall health and fitness levels. With the program being more general the athletes stay out of the trap of early specialization allowing them to develop into their best athletic and healthy selves. No maximal attempts are used in this class until technique has been perfected by the athlete.


Remote Services


If you are unable to take part in our coached lifting sessions that we offer at Valhalla because we are too far from where you live, we offer Remote programming. Each remote program consists of a custom program written specifically for the athlete delivered through TRUCoach, allowing for logging and video analysis provided by our Coaches. This is the best way to receive a quality program and receive our coaching without having to travel the distance to train at our facility. Each of these programs in custom tailored to the athlete for their competitive needs to allow for improvement in the sport of weightlifting, general overall strength and athleticism or fitness performance.

Fully Coached Hours


At Valhalla we offer fully coached sessions for our athletes. We believe this is the best way for athletes to reach continuous improvement. Being under the watchful eye of an experienced coach allows for improvements in strength, technique and overall success. Our coached sessions are led by one of two weightlifting coaches on our staff that hold years of experience in the sport. Athlete’s during these sessions are receiving what they need to improve in the sport and be competitive locally, nationally and internationally.


Local Competitions


As mentioned earlier those competitions that are selected by the coaching staff consist of full meet coaching services. This means that our coaches are on site the day of competition counting for and warming up our athletes to help them perform at their very best. In sessions where we have more athlete’s, more coaching is provided to ensure that everyone has a killer meet experience. Valhalla also typically selects one National Meet to attend as a team throughout the year where all athletes who qualify, receive coaching. Receiving coaching on meet day from one of the best meet coaches in the country really helps benefit an athlete’s performance on the platform.


Age Groups


At Valhalla we are blessed with both ends of the competitive age spectrum. We have a very large Master’s Population as well as a very large Youth Team. We also have athletes that reside in the Junior and Senior categories as well. Suffice it to say that we are experienced with coaching all age and ability levels in the sport of weightlifting. We truly believe that weightlifting is a sport that can be taken part in at any age and our competitive population shows. From Youth National Qualifiers to Master’s World Medalist’s we cover the entire age spectrum from young to old.


This is simply a basic outline for Valhalla Barbell Club. If you have any more questions pertaining to the program or if you would like any more information on any of the programs listed above please contact us at


We love the sport of weightlifting, getting stronger and becoming a better athlete. At Valhalla we aim to give our athletes everything they need to reach their goals. It doesn’t matter if it’s being the most competitive local weightlifter in their age and weight category or if it’s simply to get stronger, there is a spot for you at Valhalla.