The Art of Relapsing

From Joshua Sharp

What happens when you’re going along, all committed to these gains and crushing your nutrition, and then…BAM! Life just dick slaps you in the face. Everything you’ve been working towards, health-wise, gets pushed to the back burner. Some time goes by and you realize you’re in a full blown relapse situation. What the hell do you do now?

We all experience ups and downs when it comes to our health. Work gets overwhelming, unavoidable family situations occur, financial crisis comes up, or other unforeseen circumstances arise. Have you ever considered planning for a relapse when it comes to nutrition and fitness?

I’ve had numerous situations where I’ve fallen off the health wagon. Nutrition being the main staple for my relapse. Fitness was always a little easier to get back into, but nutrition was the challenge. My issue was time and being unmotivated. My specific trigger was vacations. Every time I would go on leave in the military and come back home, I had a hard time getting back into the routine of meal prepping.

Now I plan for trips or time away from my everyday norm. What has worked for me now is to over prep and freeze my food for that transition time of getting home and finding my routine again. It’s one less thing to worry about when getting home from traveling.

There are many other tactics you can try. A few are posting motivational posters on your walls or refrigerators for a visual aid, being apart of a community that holds you accountable, or, what I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE, is to sign up with a nutrition or fitness coach.

In all the stages of contemplating, prepping, implementing, acting, and relapsing, having a plan for relapsing is the most important in my opinion. Have a plan of action to get back on that wagon and reach those goals.

Joshua Sharp
IC Nutrition Coach
CrossFit Trainer