By Jacob Sterny, Head Coach of Valhalla Barbell Club


Superstitions are real and they matter.  *Today’s article is going to focus on this little known performance enhancer and just how you can implement it to up your weightlifting numbers.


*All superstitions mentioned in this article have been collected from competitors this author has experienced or implemented themselves.


Your Food Must Please the Weightlifting Gods


This trick takes some experimentation.  Before each competition make sure you select various combinations of food that if eaten in a specific order will bring you good luck.  For example, If you eat three eggs with a side of toast and you bomb out, ditch this meal as you have angered the weightlifting gods.  You need to search for something they deem fit and the only way to tell is in the number of lifts you hit in competition following consumption of the food.


Wait to Put on Your Singlet


If you attempt to put on your singlet too early before your warm up, stop what you are doing.  The weightlifting gods see this as a sign of over-eagerness and disrespect and will remove your legs during your final clean and jerk.  You must be patient.  If you are not the whole universe will shift and you will be converted into a powerlifter.  If you are patient you be will be rewarded with good luck and still maintain your status as semi-okay amateur lifter.


Prior to Lifting, Kick Your Heels


Kick the heel of your right shoe into your left and vice versa to ensure you make the lift in front of you.  This is the most important one.  If this is not observed everything you did to ensure your good luck and good fortune will all be for not and the barbell will feel 20 kg heavier.  This often results in either a, “Clark”, or a miss forward where you launch the barbell into the first row of the audience.  Tap your heels.  Do it.


Pick Your Mantra Song


This is essential.  This is the song that will embody your entire performance for the day.  If this song does not come on at the right time you might as well pack up your things and go back to CrossFit.  Typically the weightlifting gods prefer anything from System of a Down to Disturbed or whatever music you’ve heard playing during every training session you’ve ever been a part of ever.


Bless Your Feet with Fresh Socks


In order for you to maintain foot speed as a weightlifter you must wear brand new socks during warm up and while lifting.  You cannot wear these on your way to the venue.  Not while you are weighing in and not even while you are starting to move and roll out.  No.  These must only be applied to your feet immediately prior to warming up.  New socks only have a set amount of power they can lend you so you must wait to apply them.  If done too soon, they turn into a crusty pair of white, tube socks and no one wants to see that.


Let the Clock Run


Time is a construct.  Use all of yours.  As soon as your name is called wait to stand up for about 15 seconds.  Then do so slowly to preserve your energy (remember this is your clock and none of the other competitors who drove hours to sit in this hot and B.O. smelling room matter).  At about the 30 second mark have a small debate with your coach on whether or not this is the weight you wanted.  At 15 seconds rush onto the platform and complete the lift.  Be sure to put a bow on it by staring aggressively at each of the judges before slamming the barbell.  If you go to soon and don’t complete this ritual the left judge will give you a red light before you step on the platform simply because they don’t like your singlet.


Let Coach Smack You


If your coach doesn’t smack your legs before you lift you will lose all sense of where they are while lifting and begin tap dancing or spinning with the barbell overhead.  Let coach smack you to ensure your legs stay attached to your body and that you are still able to use them during the lift.


Laces Out Dan!


Actually Ace…if your laces are left out of your shoes following a training session you might as well as not come in the next day.  The gods see this as untidiness and you will be punished with the front rack of a rec center power-builder.  Straps must also be placed inside the shoes or the same will result.


Broken Laces  


If your laces break while lacing up for a training session, stop your session immediately.  This is a bad omen and if not observed the overwhelming need to wear snap-backs, some obscure clothing line and push your own, “Supplement”, brand on your friends.


Superstitions are real people.  Without them we would not have the success that we have in weightlifting today.  Some honorable mentions include massive amounts of Nose Torque, getting fresh haircuts and yelling, “YEAHHHH BUUUUUDDDDYYYY”, prior to each attempt.


What are your superstitions? Please let us know. We want to hear from you!


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