Just over a year ago, I finally took a minute to evaluate my life. My health. I was in a place where I was working 60+ hours a week, trying to run my own business for the past 6.5 years, continue to raise 2 kids, be the fun grandma and have a relationship with my husband. I was spreading myself way to thin. Attempting to spend time with girlfriends and especially quality time with my aging parents, was almost non-existent. Needless to say, the pounds were starting to pack on my 4’11” frame. 5#’s on my bum looks a lot like 10#! Within 7 months, I had gained nearly 10#’s. I had to take a closer look at myself and realized there were a number of reasons as to why this was happening. First and foremost, was the lack of sleep. Second was stress. I would stress mostly, on work related things. Worried that my alarm wouldn’t go off at 3a or 4a in the morning for work, that my work truck wouldn’t start, that my pipes for my hydrostatic tank would freeze. Oh and then if the weather was bad, I would stress about driving that big work truck in the weather. It went on and on. I also worried about not spending enough quality time, (much less any time) with my kids, my parents, my husband. Most of the time I was still able to get 4 days of training in, every week. So, there’s that. Eating was sporadic. Sometimes I was really good about prepping and planning if I was going to be at work all day, other times, I went without food or lived off clementines, protein shakes and bars. Pretty crappy nutrition plan. On the days that I wasn’t working, I was totally on-point with my nutrition. 

After retiring my truck and setting up my business permanently, here at Ideal Collaborative, I decided to go get extensive blood work done and learned a lot about what was going on. The stress and the lack of sleep was slowly killing me. My hormones were totally out of whack and something needed to change. I went full force into watching absolutely everything I ate. I read every single label and put myself first. I continued to drink a lot of water and workout. I am sleeping AMAZING! 7-9 hours a night. I have been able to lose a number of those recently gained plans. And I have had more time to focus on my relationships, due to the fact I actually schedule time for my friends and family.

The point of this email is to let you know that we all have our struggles and it’s up to YOU to take matters into your own hands. Treat how you feel or your conditions as a LIFE or DEATH situations. It is just that! That ice cream, that alcohol filled night is just not worth your health. Get yourself healthy, take control. Your life depends upon it!

Stay healthy

~Rosanne Allen
IC Nutrition