December is by far the hardest month to get to the gym or to do a workout at home. Why? The holidays are here, parties, family is in town, you’re out of town, there are always cookies and candy dishes around the office….the list goes on.

By being a member of the IC and CutThroat Community, you are already ahead of the game in terms of fitness knowledge. You likely can Squat better than the million people that are at the mall right now.

Let’s get a jump on the New Year’s “extra padding” and force yourself to make it into the gym.

Our attendance challenge is exactly how it sounds. Here are how you can get points:

  • Show up to the gym and do the WOD: 2 Points (Barbell Counts the same if you’re in that group)
    • Must register at least a day prior and check in to the class at the kiosk
  • Do the WOD elsewhere (or your own workout i.e. running) at home, office, or travel destination: 1 Point
    • Must provide picture/video proof to the CutThroat Community Facebook Page
  • Go to CorePower Yoga: 1 Point
    • Attendance can not exceed 4x for the month (our partnership)
  • 1 Point for: 5 mile run, at home WOD, 5k row, 10k bike
    • must take picture and post to facebook group for proof
  • 1:1 Training at CutThroat: 2 points for 30 min, 5 points for 1 hour

Download a point tracker here

*must download. Do not try to edit this version