What brought me to CrossFit in the first place was all the damn ads on Facebook for the New You Challenge back in January. I have never been a member of a gym or had a real workout routine, I tried running years ago but turned out to not be my thing. I saw the new you ad probably 20 times before I watched the video and after days of thinking about it decided to go for it because why not?

My first impression was, I was somewhat nervous, like how the hell could I do what the coaches were asking of me? But I just kept pushing myself knowing I was getting stronger by the day. This hasn’t changed that much. I’m still nervous when I come to class but now its more excitement than “you want me to do what???”

My first bright spot was seeing muscle tone where there was none before. I was totally surprised how quickly it was happening with the correct nutrition and awesome workouts.

I’m currently working on being healthier and stronger than I was, even yesterday. I want to be better at everything I do.

I have a couple favorite memories from CutThroat.  First is completing the New You Challenge and the second is doing the workout “Murph” on Memorial day. It made me proud to honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice and I cant wait to do it again next year!

Thanks to the CutThroat Team for all that each of you do to help me improve my over all health and strength. I’m excited to continue my journey and look forward to what the future brings!