By Jacob Sterny, Head Coach, Valhalla Barbell Club


If you’re feeling stuck in the pursuit of your goals fear not!  Today I am going to reveal to you a weird trick that will undoubtedly propel you towards achievement in the pursuit of your goals during the year of 2019.  Now this is not anything new.  This trick has been around for years, but has been neglected or forgotten as of late.  Today our trick to secret success is 1 on 1 training.


1 on 1 Training


1 on 1 training is a training protocol where athlete and coach meet with one another for a set period of time to work on specific issues.  This is different from a fitness class where there is typically one coach surrounded by multiple athletes.  These classes also are a blend of multiple pieces of work in an attempt to work on different movements.  The setting of a 1 on 1 may only be focused on one movement in particular.  This is in an effort to work solely on an issue that may be holding you back.


Secret of Success in Individual Progress?


Classes are needed.  They are of huge value to all that attend.  For those looking to work on one skill or a small list of skills, however, working in a 1 on 1 setting with a coach is best.  The reason?  The sessions are specific.  The session is simply you and the coach working on fixing what needs to be fixed.  Your attention does not need to be split with another athlete.  The work is more specific to what you need to reach your goals.

This is why these sessions are the secret of your fitness success.  Don’t have that pull-up yet?  Find out why and address it with a coach during your 1 on 1 session.  Having trouble with the lifts?  Same deal.  Our coaches are the best about coaching everyone that steps through our doors but their attention is split in the classes amongst everyone.  1 on 1’s are more specialized and focused on you.


Secret to Success Hard to Achieve?


This is not the case at all.  Simply click here to see the myriad of experienced coaches we have available for 1 on 1 training.  At Ideal we have the outstanding benefit of carrying a diverse coaching staff.  We have those that specialize in Fitness, Gymnastics, Weightlifting and Youth Performance to name a few.  All it takes is you deciding that you want to progress and reach your goals faster.  I’m going to be really honest with you here for one second.  If this is what you want.  If you want to progress and achieve what you are setting out to achieve, this is the fastest way to do it.  That is why it is called the, “Secret to Success”.


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