In 2014 I was approaching age 55 and carrying more body weight than at any point in my life and knew that I needed to do something different if I wanted to continue to enjoy an active life. I had seen Katie and Brian compete several times and remember thinking that I would have really enjoyed CrossFit had it been around when I was younger. When they opened their gym, I thought I would give it a try. I’ve been hooked ever since.

First impression? I was surprised at how seemingly simple workouts really kicked my butt. I was thankful that every workout could be scaled and still give me a good result.  Now it feels like a real accomplishment when I don’t have to scale. But, the workouts still kick my butt.

My first Bright Spot was being able to do things that I have never done before or never thought I would again.

I want to continue building my strength and endurance. I try to be consistent with my training and am looking forward to celebrating my 500th WOD later this year.

The CrossFit community, friendship and support that athletes give each other is incredible.  My box away from home when I travel for business is CrossFit Timisoara in western Romania. It was a little intimidating the first time that I went, but I was welcomed with open arms and relieved to find the format the same. The coach whose alter ego is the Incredible Hulk was sizing me up to determine my level of ability. He had me perform several different lifts as he evaluated the American who had walked into his gym.  All I kept thinking about were all of the instructions given to me by the great Cutthroat coaches. When I finished, he smiled broadly and said, “foarte bine, foarte bine” which I knew meant “very good, very good”.  After the WOD, results were posted on the whiteboard just like in our gym.  When I gave mine in Romanian, my workout partners began to chant, “U-S-A, U-S-A”.