Hey All,

With the CrossFit Open here, I wanted to give you all a little bit of my background with the sport and the Open because most folks don’t know my story.

I started doing CrossFit in early 2008, in a park down the street from my house, in Louisville. My daughter, Taylor, discovered the program and suggested we try it out. We were hooked! I started competing in CF comps almost immediately. I went to the CF Games on a team in 2009 and 2010. Funny thing, was, all we had to do in 2009 was sign up! In 2010 we actually had to qualify. As the sport grew, it became harder for this 44yr old to keep up with the 20-somethings.

I sat down with my coach, after 3 years and said I was thinking of quitting CF. Needless to say he was a little sad, but even more so, disappointed. A couple of weeks later, he came to me and said “Guess what? CrossFit is adding a 45-50yr old category to the games”! I was actually thrilled. I agreed to try to qualify for the games in 2011. This would be my first year competing as an individual in the Open. I needed to place in the top 20 to qualify for the games. I came in 15th worldwide. I was pretty pleased with that. I went to the games in the Summer of 2011.

At that time, the Masters CF competition was in a back parking lot, no cameras, no bleachers, hardly any spectators. It was a side-show, to say the least. But even so, I took it all in and enjoyed my experience. I ended that competition, not much better than when I went it. I finished in 11th. I’ll take that! After that summer, I slowly shifted into full-time weightlifting. I did end up competing in the Open in 2012 and then not again, until just last year when I was unknowingly drafted (and then traded). Last year’s Open I placed 373rd out of 6,162 participants. Not bad for a strict weightlifter. I have registered again for this year’s Open and am looking forward to see where I stand with those in my age group, but more so to spending the next 5 Friday evenings with some of the greatest people!

Get on an Intramural Open team, if you haven’t already! There will be a lot of bonding going on and a ton of fun.