I first started CrossFit at Flatirons in Boulder over 9 years ago. I trained and competed in CrossFit for 4.5 yrs and then moved over to Olympic Lifting. My first impression of CrossFit was that it was really hard! It’s still hard but more skills have been introduced since when I first started. My first “bright spot” was finding a fitness regime that I felt challenged me.

Now I’m totally focused on my Olympic Lifts. I compete in Weightlifting and that drives my training.

My favorite memory from CutThroat is when I had my first workout there. I truly felt like it was “home”. I left my old gym a year after my coach sold it and moved. After 9 months without a gym/coach it was great to find what I had before and even more so! I was re-inspired. I still train 4 days per week despite my busy schedule. I have 3 beautiful kids and I run the Hydrostatic Body Fat Test in the local area.