I began CrossFit in order to get back into shape and help feel better during the wrestling practices that I coach. My first impression of the gym was how well the coaches knew their athletes and how they knew what buttons to push to get the most out of them. As a coach, that is important to me. This hasn’t changed at all since I joined. In fact, it has just been continually reinforced and is one of the main reasons that I refer as many people to the gym as I can.

I have had many Bright Spots throughout the years but I get more excited about my son’s. He trains in the Youth Barbell Club and he does some custom programming as well. I really like watching my teenage son Dillon get stronger because I can see his strength displayed on the Wrestling mat.

Right now I am really working on trying to balance my work travel schedule and continuing to train consistently. Out side of that, I am working on improving double unders and Olympic lifts…I can’t have my kid’s percentages be better than mine!
My favorite memory would have to be completing Murph in under 50 minutes (no vest) this past year. I also love doing the open workouts each year during Friday night lights!