By Jacob Sterny, Head Coach, Valhalla Barbell Club


At Ideal Collaborative we consider ourselves a health first facility.  If this is the case, however, should we encourage you to make resolutions for the upcoming year or are resolutions bad for your health?  Can the practice of setting resolutions and constantly failing to reach them hurt more than help?  Let’s dive in to examine this a little bit further.


Resolutions are Not Bad


There you go.  I simply just gave away the rest of the article for you.  Resolutions are not bad.  Vague and undefined resolutions are bad.  How often have you set something similar to, “This year I’m going to __________ more”?  More than what?  More than you did last year?  Setting a resolution can be a good start, but something as vague as the example mentioned above typically doesn’t last very long.  Your resolution should be thought of more as a goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and can be completed in a timely manner (that’s right I just used the SMART Goal acronym.  Using this format can help you lay out your yearly goal or resolution.


Roadmap to Resolution


Even the best resolutions can turn out to be bad when they are poorly planned.  With a resolution set as mentioned above you can build on the resolution further by creating smaller goals that will ultimately lead you to achieving your resolution throughout the year.  To do this view your resolution as your yearly goal.  Doing so will allow you to set monthly, weekly and even daily goals. Working your way back to the absolute smallest point not only gives you a roadmap, it also keeps you accountable and on track.  Unplanned resolutions can torpedo your success in the New Year.  Use this strategy to your advantage when setting your resolution for 2019.  Unplanned resolutions are a sure fire way to limit how far you get in 2019, but what’s worse?  Going way too easy on yourself.


Resolution Torpedo


We are all human.  Mistakes are in the fabric of our being and are unavoidable.  In today’s age of self love and mental health taking care of yourself is important.  Constantly beating yourself up for screwing up on the path to your resolution is much worse than never setting a resolution.  Where most get lost is when they are however, too easy on themselves.  Hold yourself to a higher standard this year and if you mess up, shake it off and move forward.  The Habit Study Lab at Stanford University discovered that it can take an average of up to 66 days to establish a good habit.  The interesting thing is that these days do not need to be consistent.  Generally the closer you are (say you miss one day and then begin again the next) the more success you’ll have. Give yourself time and hold yourself to a higher standard.


Resolutions Are Not Bad


Unplanned resolutions are, however.  Spend time creating a measurable and well thought out resolution.  This will allow you to build a plan down to the day that will help you reach your resolution during the year.  I hope you all try to set a solid resolution this year and wish you all the best in the year to come! Happy 2019!