Rachel Davis

I had been living abroad for 6 months in Kenya and it was hard to workout where I lived. I once got chased by a wild dog while out on a run, so working out was really difficult to say the least! I’ve always been a really active person so when I returned, I was desperate for something that would whip me back in to shape FAST. That was back in 2013. I did fundamentals and started going to CrossFit classes regularly, I’ve never looked back since!

My first impression of CrossFit was: this is HARD and I will never be like “those” girls (the ones that could do pull-ups and squat 200 lbs). The first time I tried an overhead squat, I literally fell over and all I had was a PVC! I embarrassed myself A TON, it was super humbling! My motivation to get back in shape kept me going and I loved that with CrossFit all I had to do was get to the gym and give it an hour. I didn’t have to spend 30 minutes motivating myself to drive to the gym then spend 2 hours there (like I had been doing before), I could give it an hour and get a great workout. I loved the efficiency and consistency it brought into my life!

The first year I did CrossFit, I thought that being able to do pull ups was just something I’d never be able to do. I felt that way about a lot of the movement actually (rope climbs, toe to bar, etc.). As I started to master those movements throughout my second year of doing CrossFit, I was amazed that I was able to do those things! I think I hit a new bright spot every time I master a movement that at one point I had told myself “you’ll never be able to do that”. A lot of my bright spots have come outside the gym too. I used to obsess over my body and I’ve always been really hard on myself. CrossFit made it possible for me to conquer mountains, run half marathons, and kick ass on a daily basis. It has completely changed my relationship with fitness and the way I see myself. It’s boosted my confidence in more ways I can count and has even changed the way I carry myself professionally.

Right now I am working on my endurance. Rather than focusing on one particular movement, I’m working on building up my body’s capacity to work for longer periods of time. I’ve been running a lot more and doing two a days when I can. I’ll do CrossFit in the morning, then go for a run after work. I’m about to start training for a trail marathon so that will significantly change the way I use CrossFit. After I get the marathon out of the way, I want to focus on those pesky muscle ups! I am also starting Keto in a few days. I love experimenting with new ways of eating and fueling my body – Keto is something I’ve never tried so I’m going to experiment with that for a while.

My favorite CutThroat memory has to be Dwight yelling at me every time I’m late to class.  Just kidding. There are honestly too many memories to count!  I think one of my favorite things about being a part of Cutthroat is seeing people progress.  I absolutely LOVE it when I see someone doing something I’ve never seen them do before in a work out. Also, seeing people chug a beer as part of the 12 Days of Christmas workout at 5:15am is always a great memory.