It all started with a shattered spine.  I was an 18-year-old hockey player and ski bum in Winter Park, Colorado, and I took a bad jump and burst a lower vertebrate. Doctors told me chronic back pain and a spinal fusion were inevitable. I never had the surgery, and because of strength training and CrossFit, my back pain is completely gone—and whether your goal is to reduce chronic pain, run your first mile or win a national weightlifting competition, I want to help you do it.

I’ve trained athletes for most of my life, beginning by coaching high-school hockey and general strength-and-conditioning camps. It was while training for my own college-hockey career that I realized the stronger I got, the less my back hurt—and so what began as a passion for hockey transformed into passion for helping others improve their lives with fitness, first as a personal trainer and now as a CrossFit and weightlifting coach with more than a decade of experience and a dozen certifications in adult and youth athletic coaching.

In 2013, I took that vision even further by opening a gym, CutThroat CrossFit, which has since grown into the comprehensive wellness center that is Ideal Collaborative.

Helping people get healthier and fitter is the best feeling in the world, and whether I’m coaching a competitive weightlifter, a college athlete or someone who just wants to move and feel better, my approach is the same: I meet clients where they’re at, and together we create customized training plans to help them accomplish their goals.


Education and Certifications:

  • BA in Economics – University of Colorado
  • USA Weightlifting Advanced Sports Performance Coach
  • CrossFit Level 3 
  • Vertical Diet Coach
  • Personally invited to train with Dmitry Klokov, Dmitry Berestov, and Dmitry Lapikov (Olympic Medalists and World Champions)
    • Fully immersive Training Camp with Lectures from Boris Sheiko, Vladimir Safonof, and other Subject matter experts
    • Klokov Weightlifting Program Certification (Moscow 2015)
  • Level Method Foundation Certification
  • CrossFit Kids Trainer
  • CrossFit Football Trainer
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
  • CrossFit Strongman Trainer
  • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Trainer
  • CrossFit Competitors Trainer
  • CrossFit Defense Trainer
  • Mountain Tactical Institute: Firefighter Training and Program Design
  • USA Kettlebell Lifting / IKLF Instructor Level 1
  • Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Connection
  • USA Hockey Level IV Coach


  • Back Pain Specialist
    • Multiple success stories regarding pain reduction and increased functional movement specific to back pain pathology
  • (Coach) 2016 Master’s Pan American Championships 53KG Class: Gold and World Record in C&J
  • (Coach) 2018 Youth National Champion 69kg Class
  • 2015 American Open, 85 Kilo Class
  • (Coach) 2010 Tier II Nationals: Midget Minor AA Hockey
  • Strength Coach for Youth, High School, University D1, D2, D3, and Professional Athletes including but not limited to the following sports:
    • Hockey
    • Softball
    • Football
    • Soccer
    • Skiing
    • Wrestling
    • Throwing


Schedule an appointment today to come in and discuss your goals. We will listen and help create a solution that can help you achieve everything you want and more!