Nathan Moorman didn’t understand why he wasn’t losing weight.

Though he’d dropped some pounds after a few months of working out at CutThroat CrossFit in Lafayette, Colorado, the scale had stopped moving.

Brian Bender, gym owner and founder of Ideal Collaborative, suggested it might be time for Moorman to think about nutrition coaching.

“It’s the base of all things,” Bender said. “That old saying of ‘you can’t out-train a bad diet,’ it’s absolutely true.”

So Moorman did some research and cut back on processed foods and carbs and increased his veggie intake. He lost a bit more weight but soon plateaued again.

“You Google ‘nutrition’ or ‘diet’ and you’re gonna get everything across the map,” said Rosanne Allen, a nutrition coach at Ideal Collaborative. “There’s just so much information.”

Moorman knew he needed help. So he signed up for Ideal Collaborative’s one-on-one nutrition coaching program.

I was plateauing, and the lesson I’ve constantly had to learn is you have to find what works for you when you’re dieting and exercising, but what works for you changes over time,” the 31-year-old said. “And it is really hard to find that next step sometimes, even when you’ve been doing it for a while.

“That was the big step I needed to take: actually working with someone, getting their very scientific feedback and getting a plan based on that.”


Personal Nutrition Coaching in Lafayette

What does the nutrition coaching program look like?

To start, clients have a 20-minute one-on-one session with a nutrition coach to talk about long- and short-term goals, discuss what has and hasn’t worked in the past and determine which of the three personalized nutrition plans—written by a registered dietitian—fits best.

All programs include customized meal plans, grocery lists, educational materials, and regular virtual and personal check-ins with a nutrition coach. They also feature biometric testing—including hydrostatic testing to measure body fat and lean muscle mass as well as physical measurements taken every two weeks. This lets clients know they’re making progress.


All About Accountability

At each check-in, coach and client will discuss successes and struggles and re-evaluate goals.

“And we’d talk about other stuff: How (are you) feeling in the gym? How’s your sleep going? How’s your stress level? What cravings are you dealing with? Stuff like that,” Moorman said. “It was just really helpful to talk about (everything).”

The program is effective because it’s measurable and customized, Allen said.

“It’s specific to you,” she said. “Just because a co-worker did well on keto doesn’t mean it’s gonna work well for you.”

Plus, having the accountability of a personal nutrition coach is a big help.

“I check in with my clients a number of times a week,” Allen said. “I also tell them you can always reach out to me whenever you want and we can chat.”

Moorman appreciated the accountability.

“I’m actually putting my money where my mouth is,” he said. “If I’m not taking advantage of this, I’m literally wasting money. That’s different than having a buddy you talk with; there’s some real accountability here.”


Nutrition Education for Life

The best part?

The nutrition coaching program isn’t about a singular product or diet that leaves you hanging after 30 days. The program is designed to educate clients on healthy eating for life.

“I did not really know how to incorporate carbs in a healthy way,” Moorman said of his previous weight-loss attempts.

But through the program at Ideal Collaborative, he learned “what is a healthy carb, what is a healthy amount of carbs. … That was a big education,” he said.

Today, a little more than a year after beginning private nutrition coaching, Moorman has lost about 75 lb., reduced his body-fat percentage from 33 to 25 percent, beat his mile time and added pull-ups to his skill set in the gym.

“I (am) able to do a lot of things that, frankly, I didn’t think I could do before,” he said.

The reason why I decided to get nutritional coaching at IC was because I’d tried dieting on my own, but I had trouble staying consistent and accountable, so I knew I needed some additional coaching to achieve my goals. – Sierra B

Ongoing Success

And he doesn’t plan on stopping there.

Though Moorman now has the tools he needs to make healthy choices, he still plans on meeting with his coach every few months to refine his diet and set new goals.

“It’s a learning process, so you get to the point where on a daily basis I know what I need to eat … but when I look out six months from now, if I want to continue losing weight, that’s where I start to have questions,” he said.

So if you’ve ever felt like Moorman—if you’ve ever struggled to find the perfect nutrition plan and see real results—know that you don’t have to do it alone.

“It is simple to just eat right, but it’s not easy,” Bender said. “And we’ll help you through the not-easy part.”

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