Nicole Gervace

My friend Kerri Schomer had been attending CutThroat CrossFit for several months when we
ran into each other at CorePower Yoga. She told me that as a CPY member I can go to CTCF 4X
a month and she thought I’d love it. She was right! I emailed Brian and attended a pop-up course
that introduced me to a variety of the exercises. In January 2018, I attended the 4 classes. By the
second week of February I already used my 4 classes and decided I wanted more and became a
monthly member!

My first impression of CutThroat was that the classes were organized and I appreciated the
coaching. Before I started CrossFit, I didn’t understand that the coaching was such a big part of
the class. I thought that someone lead the class versus coaching the class. I appreciate the
coaching so much. I’m surprised by how much I still have to learn and improve.
After a few months of the regular Crossfit classes, I decided to go to the Barbell Club to improve
my movements, and have more one-on-one feedback in order to lift heavier. One day coach Jake
said, “you’re not terrible.” That was definitely a bright spot! 😉

I am working on a few things currently. For some reason, I have a hard time using my hips to
thrust the bar up and then get under the bar in the Power Cleans and keep my elbows up.
Everyone comments that I’m doing a reverse curl instead of a proper Clean movement. This
inhibits by ability to lift heavier.  I’m becoming better at noticing this but it’s taking me a long
time to break the habit completely.

There are so many memories here at CutThroat! But if I need to choose just one, I’ll say it was
doing Murph. I thought it would take me 2 hours to complete that workout but I finished around
54 minutes. There are so many days when I look at the workouts and think, “no way.” But then I
do it and come back the next day to do another one. The community at CTCF is so encouraging.
I love it! Kerri was 100% correct.