At Ideal Collaborative our goal is to provide a health first experience.  We believe that we are more than just a fitness facility and are focused on providing the latest and greatest form of services for everyone that walks through our door.  From offering Biometric Testing, Body Fat Testing, Nutrition Services, Fitness Classes and 1 on 1 Training we aim to provide you preventative road maps that help you live your best life.  We are constantly on the look out for the latest research and what will help our clients gain the most from their time working with our staff.  It is in this spirit that we would now like to welcome Janette to our team!


Janette is an experienced Massage Therapist that offers Swedish Style Massage, Deep Tissue and Structural Integration Services.  Each session with Janette begins with a small check in to lay out exactly what you need and how this relates to your short and long term goals.  Janette also believes in educating her clients on how their body functions and can at times dysfunction.


Much like the rest of our staff Janette is here to be your partner on your journey of health.  Her services, in addition to our Physical Therapy Services, are vital to maintaining pain free and improved overall function of your body.  Improving one’s health is as much about getting physically stronger as it is about taking care of one’s body.


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