I first heard about Crossfit from Scott Nickel, but I didn’t know what it was.  I thought it must be something for strong male athletes.  Then, I ran into a neighbor one summer who I hadn’t seen for a while and she looked GREAT.  I asked her what she’d done and she said 6 months of CrossFit. So after asking around people said the best coaching was at CutThroat.

I’ve never been an athlete.  The only exercise I did consistently was running (jogging) and I think my body figured out how to use the least amount of muscles and expend the least amount of energy so it did little for me in terms of fitness.  While in my 40’s I ran 4 half marathons and competed in one triathlon but by the time I was 50 I still was out of shape and also had sore knees.

I met with Brian and joined a 2-week intro class in January of 2015.  He told me to expect a great workout and great community at CutThroat.  My first impression was that I was older than everyone else and more out of shape, but I immediately loved it!  After several years of looking for the right workout for me I felt like I had found it – so much better than the step aerobics of the 80’s!!  It was, and still is great that in just an hour, though you’ll work really hard,  know that you’ll be properly warmed up, work on both strength and endurance, and have someone tell you what to do so you don’t even have to think!   Plus, class sizes are small enough to get personal help.  It’s been the perfect sport for me.

My first bright spot was maybe 6 months in and someone who attended the Noon class had been gone for a while but came back.  He came over to me and told me that he could see the improvement that my hard work had given me.   It was such a small thing, but that someone I didn’t really know made a difference encouraging me. I can remember when Brian first told me about the community at CutThroat and I thought “I have friends, I just need a good workout”, but I have to say the community at CutThroat has been the biggest surprise. There’s something about the people that you struggle with, that you give 100% side by side with, that you sweat and bleed with, and have successes and failures with that brings you together. Even though I see very few of the people outside of CutThroat, the sense of friendship and bonding with the people you work out with is great.

Starting Crossfit at 51, it has taken me the first couple years to just get my body into shape and used to the different movements.  This January I will have been doing this for 3 years and it hasn’t been until this past year that everything has come together for me.  Part of that has been diet.  From the very beginning I have done the nutrition challenges, ate Paleo and done Whole 30s on and off, but eating a Ketogenic diet has been the most successful.  Different diets work for different people so I would encourage people to keep looking for the one that works for you.  But for me, since starting the Keto diet in June, I have lost 20 lbs, got my first pull-up, my first chin-up, my first toes to bar, lots of lift PRs, and have seen a big increase in endurance and energy.

Currently I’m working on linking pull ups, linking double unders and continuing to get stronger and lose weight.  My favorite CutThroat memories are getting my first pull up and the Intramural CutThroat Opens because I’m fairly competitive. I also love the benchmark workouts so that I can see how I’m progressing.