By Jacob Sterny, Head Coach, Valhalla Barbell Club

Compete Everday

Competition is everything. It is the force that drives us to be better. To get stronger. To push ourselves past our perceived limits and reach things that we once found unobtainable. Competition is the fuel that helps change us as people. This doesn’t only apply to organized sports, workplace performance and things inside the gym. There are a myriad of places outside of these things that lead to competition with your biggest competitor. That competitor is yourself.

Shying away from competition typically only leads to two things, stagnancy and a lack of growth. Competition is a golden opportunity to measure yourself where you are in the present. Where are you today on things such as eating healthy, working out or the amount of time you spend on the things that matter? Are you better, worse or on par with where you were yesterday? Learning how to compete can lead to improvements in all of these areas.

Shying Away from Competition

Those who shy away from competition are typically the ones that never make any progress and are left behind as their counterparts surpass them in everything they do. Somewhere along the line we stopped measuring ourselves against others because it was, “Too hard”, or ,”It hurt my feelings”. Don’t be this person. Now, I’m not saying you need to compete with other human beings on a daily basis (although it can help from time to time). “Damn it. Britannica got her first Pull Up and I have yet to perform a dead hang correctly”. Britannica is on a different path than you and may even have started sooner than you. But, there is also the possibility that she is doing something that you are not, leading her to reach this goal sooner. This helps you realize that maybe you aren’t doing enough and could be doing more.

Competition is a good thing. It pushes us to be better versions of ourselves which helps foster our growth as people. This doesn’t only apply to gym or how healthy (or not) you are eating. This applies to life and your improvement of that. The biggest person you need to compete with everyday is the person you were yesterday. “Come on. 1 more…1 more…1 more”. Learning to compete with yourself and others in a healthy way is the key to progress.

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