With Summer in full swing, I decided, I needed to get out of my meal prep/cooking rut.

Do you recall the challenge Josh and I gave you all, awhile ago? To go to the store or better yet, the Farmer’s Market and select a couple of new fruits and/or vegetables that you have never eaten or prepared and give it a whirl and report back.

Well, I did just that, this week and came back with a few goodies. I am not a huge Brussel sprouts fan but decided I would once again try to prepare them and give them another shot. I recently had dinner at a friend’s house, and she had prepared them in the oven with avocado oil, garlic, shallots and a tiny bit of maple syrup and they were AMAZING!

I also picked up Dragon Fruit, I have never even tried this fruit before, and I was pleasantly surprised that I like the taste and texture. I pretty much ate it like a kiwi. It has a rough skin, but the inside is all deliciousness! I would love to share more of my market finds and even more so would love to hear about yours. I’ll post something on SM this next week to see who of you may have hit the store or Farmer’s market and came home with some goodies!

Let’s talk nutrition and good eat finds.

Stay Healthy

Rosanne Allen
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