My wrists hurt. My lower back is sore. I have knee problems. I feel like I have poor range of motion, but I don’t know how to correct it. Are these common thoughts that run through your head when it comes to working out or just moving in general? There is away to improve these issues and it’s something we overlook consistently. Mobility work and stretching. So simple, but yet so hard to stick with for most. Think of mobility as getting into specific positions and working on the range of motion in the joints. Stretching is working on lengthening the ligaments and muscles to help accompany the mobility work.

This is something I love to talk about. I hold mobility work and stretching near and dear to my body. After some traumatic injuries and being told by doctors that I would never move normally again, I started to incorporate these techniques daily into my warmup and cooldown routines. I find that it helps with my lifting and working out, but more importantly, it helps with just general movement throughout the day. Outside of just being sore from moving heavy things constantly, my recovery time seems to be quicker. It has really changed my life for the better.

Think about this, the things you do throughout the day will really affect the way you move in the gym. Sitting at your desk all day, texting and browsing on your phone with shoulders rolled forward, or even driving with one hand on the wheel can completely change or cause issues with the way you move in the gym. Simple solutions like doing the couch stretch can help unlock those tight hips and nagging back pain. Think about the next time you come into the gym. Think about what hurts or is uncomfortable. Grab a lacrosse ball or foam roller and ask your coach what can be done to relieve some of your troubled areas.  And if I happen to be the coach during your workout, I’ll be giving you some homework to do at home to help your quality of life.

Joshua Sharp
IC Nutrition Coach
CrossFit Trainer