Gavin Slater

I had a work friend who talked me into trying CrossFit at another box. I stayed there a little over a year before they moved and increased their rates. I then looked at and visited a bunch of area gyms but felt most comfortable at CutThroat including the level of coaching. 

My first impression of CrossFit was there are so many movements to conquer and such an incredible workout. Fortunately I had a running background and I thought I was in good shape until I tried a workout. Everyone told me about the community atmosphere and I believe that is what makes CF so special. Five years later and there are still things to work on and improve.

My first bright spot (within the first few weeks) was having Brian make a few changes to my snatch which translated to a nice bump in the amount of weight I was lifting. My other bright spot was learning that the writing on the plates faces inward when you load the bar…unless you’re loading change plates because change plates face out. Oh…and that you should not show your butt to the audience when loading the bar on a competition platform.

I’m always working on everything…they say that once you get a movement, you can’t allow it to go away. Specifically I’m working hardest on pull ups, wall balls, double unders, and work capacity.

My favorite CutThroat memory is when a pregnant Chrissy came in like a wrecking ball swinging from a rope during the Intramural open.  In fact, all of the Open workouts have been memorable because of the atmosphere and the support of everyone!