By Rosanne Allen, Body Fat Test Colorado, Ideal Collaborative

Hey Cutties!

We recently wrapped up the 2018 Fall 28-Day Nutrition Challenge.  We had about a dozen people sign up for the challenge.  Each participant started the challenge with getting their biometrics (such as their body fat tested, measurements and pictures).  A 28-day meal plan was provided, along with a participant handbook and access to the HSN app.  As per every challenge, we had a few vocal and “enthusiastic” participants who were extremely supportive with one another and also created a fun and sometimes “competitive” environment.  The group lost a total of 44+lbs (we are still missing a few participants final results).  Our overall Challenge Winner crown goes to Stacy Gustafson with a dry weight loss of only 1.6#’s.  But after getting her back into the tank, following the challenge, we saw that she actually lost 5.4#’s of fat and gained 4# of lean mass.  As a result, her Body Fat % dropped 4.2%!!  Our Runner-up was Melissa Raddataz with an incredible 8.5# weight loss and 3.6% body fat loss.  Congratulations to Stacy and to each and every participant.  Let’s keep the nutrition going!  It is a lifestyle and as you can see from Stacy’s results, nutrition is almost EVERYTHING, when it comes to losing weight, body fat and gaining lean mass!!