CrossFit has been in my family for many years, primarily because of my older brother, Stuart. Not only is he a CrossFit coach in VT, but he influenced my son, Ben to become a coach in Boise, ID as well. Stuart’s daughter, Katie, has her own box in Lutterworth, England, and Katie’s daughter, Willow Ophelia Dunk (WOD) is a very fit 5 year old, as you might imagine. In keeping with the theme, one of my brother’s 4 dogs is named AMRAP. So you can see that I did have some encouragement from family to try CrossFit. When I decided to hunt around for a box, it was important to me that I find one with a strength (no pun intended) in weightlifting. Once I met Brian and learned of his passion for weightlifting, I knew I had found the right place.


The first workout that I attended in August 2014, after completing the five initial elements classes, was on a Saturday, Team Jackie. I was on a team of five with Scott, Katie, and according to my notes, two other strong women. Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. One of my funniest memories was during a ROMWOD session once when we were all supposed to be in a saddle position, basically on your back, with your knees bent so that your calves are alongside the top of your legs. I can’t remember who was to my right on the floor that day, but he glanced over my way and remarked that he could not get into the position that I was in if a piano were dropped on him!


I think one of the most surprising things for me, once I was regularly going to 3-4 classes a week, was how much I enjoyed the daily challenges, and how much energy I could get from the workouts. I am currently working on improving my technique in weightlifting, and it’s like Brian has always said, once you taste a little of how a lift can feel when everything is timed correctly, it’s hard to stop chasing that feeling. A lot of people have come and gone over the four years that I have been at CutThroat, but I have a hard time relating to all of the comings and goings. Aside from a life event, I cannot imagine wanting to find another place to work out. We have the best coaches and members! I often think about how incredibly lucky I am to have found such an awesome box right down the road from where I live.