It’s already late October! How did that happen? It seems like it was July yesterday and all of a sudden we got our first snow of the year.


I catch myself planning to do cool stuff and make improvements all the time. We all do it. It sounds good after a good cup of coffee. But is it really a plan? Or just an idea?


Entrepreneurs learn quickly that good ideas are easy to come by but the implementation is the magic sauce…and the hard part.


In May, I wanted to hike more during the summer. August came and I had been on 1 hike. Hardly what I wanted at the time of the inception of the idea.


When we got back from Vacation in July, I wanted to get back on my nutrition routine. I felt and looked great through May and June while I was on it…but I took until mid August or September to start consistently eating well again…I’m not even going to give excuses because they are totally bogus 🙂


So an idea is nothing without a plan and a plan is nothing without implementation. Recently, I recorded a Podcast about accountability. Accountability and planning are connected of course.


There are many ideas for positive change out there. For example, if you want to fix your nutrition habits BEFORE the holidays, it’s a great idea! But what is your plan to implement that idea? Do you need help creating a plan and staying accountable?


Everything in health and fitness is the same. Here are the steps to make positive change:


Step 1: Have your idea/epiphany/wanted change (lose weight, get stronger, improve blood work)
Step 2: Make a plan
Step 3: Execute


Sounds simple right? It is. But it’s far from easy. Lots of people are fine doing this on their own. I’m not one of them. That’s why I started Ideal Collaborative and CT CrossFit. To help people with steps 2 and 3.


Either way, YOU still have to do the work. There isn’t a magic pill for this kind of success. Just intelligent planning and consistent execution.


I’m happy to help with yours if you just reply and let me know what your idea is.