By Jake Sterny, Head Coach, Valhalla Barbell Club


Over the weekend four lifters from the Valhalla Youth Team competed in Windsor, CO.  This was the final competition of the year for all Valhalla athletes under the Team Program.  The four athletes competing were Abigail Moore, Zachary Kenney, Logan Nibbelin and Haydn Nibbelin (to read more about the details of this event, click here).  This was a small event, but the competition was fierce across all age and weight categories.  In today’s article I’m going to break down athlete by athlete how everyone performed at the final event of the year.


Abigail Moore


This was Abby’s third event within the span of a month and a half.  After competing at the Colorado Classic (Register for Our Next Meet) and The MBS Turkey Challenge, she was ready for the Youth Weightlifting Championships.  Abby would go 6 for 6 hitting a competition personal record (PR) of 30kg on Snatch, an all time PR on Clean & Jerk at 40kg and a competition total PR of 70kg.


Zachary Kenney


Zach also competed at our last in house competition where he PR’d everything you possibly can in an event, so the Youth Championships was all about building on this past event.  Zach would match his Snatch performance at his last competition with 28kg and set a new all time Clean & Jerk PR at 39kg.  Putting in this performance (going 6 for 6), Zach would win Best Overall Male Lifter in the U13 Category!  There is no doubt that if Zach stays healthy and continues to work hard he will qualify for Youth Nationals in the coming months.


Logan Nibbelin


This was Logan’s first meet back following a very successful Youth Football season.  Logan would go 4 for 6 with a 33kg Snatch and a 46kg Clean & Jerk.  Logan looked great on very little weightlifting specific training.  He will continue to build on his performance at this competition while he works toward prepping for Youth Nationals (June 2019).


Haydn Nibbelin


Haydn rolled off of a successful Youth Football season and right into a Hockey season so he was coming into this event with very limited weightlifting specific movements.  This wasn’t an issue, however, as Haydn showed up to compete. Haydn would take 3rd place in his weight class for the U13 age category.  If Haydn continues to work hard he may push his way into competing at Youth Nationals in June!


I would just like to say congratulations to all of our hard working athletes.  You are the embodiment of Valhalla Barbell Club and I’m proud to coach you!  Keep up the hard work and let’s make a push for Youth Nationals in June!


Coach Jake