The way I found CrossFit in the first place goes back to the Midwest. I was living alone in a small town in Michigan and googled nearby gyms and 810 CrossFit was right down the street so I figured I would give it a try. The owner is on the CrossFit seminar staff and was the head judge at the CrossFit games this year. Really cool guy and since it was still a small gym I got a 1 on 1 on ramp with him, so I had a great base and then amazing coaching in the classes since the other coaches were also seminar staff.  I don’t think I would have cared for it the same way had I not had the introduction that I did.  Not everyone is so lucky to find a great gym with quality coaching and I found two, 810 CrossFit and CutThroat.  

I remember being really intimidated when I first started CrossFit.  These women were doing pull-ups and lifting heavy weights, I had never done either.  Over time I realized I could do the same and I have love watching myself get stronger and my self esteem has changed drastically.  I initially thought I would get big and bulky and be gross.  Now I don’t really care because I have developed confidence and pride in what my body can do. Actually I have probably gained at least 10 pounds since starting CrossFit and I am more confident than ever.  

My First Bright Spot was the first time I did pull-ups in a workout, and the first time I did a muscle up.

Right now I’m trying to regain my core and general strength and endurance since coming back from having a baby.  

My favorite CutThroat memory was when Jens and I were working out in Brian and Katie’s garage before the actual gym opened.  It was the middle of winter and we would lift and run outside, sometimes in the snow.  But it was really fun.  For some reason lots of those workouts really stick out to me.  Probably because Brian was trying to kick our butts extra hard as we prepared for the open.  That was the last open I actually participated in and I think that was also sticks out because it was just a small group of the original CutThroat members and I really wanted to do well.  I have no idea how I actually ended up doing.