What brought me to CrossFit was my son, coach Patrick. He informed me that CutThroat had a New You Challenge whereby the attendees were my age and weight. You’d love it he said.  He mentioned I’d make new friends and since I was quite athletic in my younger days, I would benefit immensely from this. Just so you know, I was 17 YEARS older than the next oldest person.. geees.

My first impression was: “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” There were/are SO many young people who are extremely fit and I could barely move. I weighed over 200 pounds and I couldn’t believe my pre-workout measurements!

I attended a Friday Night Lights CrossFit Open Workout early on with Patrick as my judge/coach and I didn’t finish last.  Amazing feeling!  He had to “no rep” quite a few of my attempts of the workout, but I didn’t die and that’s all that mattered. I was told to steady my pace and I have retained that advice with all the WODS since. This was actually my first bright spot at CutThroat!

I am working on getting stronger and getting rid of more fat. I am learning how many days per week of CrossFit works best for my body at this age and I’m having fun with the process!

I absolutely LOVED the Masters Challenge. Good People! So, we were doing a workout with Coach Patrick and divided into groups whereby we all rotated.  Three of us were on the rowers and there were 3 gals supposed to jump rope.  They decided to bunny hop instead and it was hilarious.  I laughed so hard and it still brings me joy to recall this vivid memory.  When Patrick saw them he too had a hardy chuckle and did some kind of dance to the music with them.

There is yet another good memory.  I decided to attend one of the holiday WODS this summer. I was surprised to see my grandson Mason there with his father. So the 3 generations performed the massive workout and my grandson said he was proud of me.  Awesome moment for me.