I had a pretty tough training session at Ideal Collaborative yesterday. It was a Weightlifting Training session with Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Squats, and a short CrossFit workout after. It was geared more for strength than fat loss, but it definitely elicited both.


I have read countless books about sports science and programming…and I’ve learned just as much from practical application over the past 10+ years as a professional Coach.


I took some time off from my own training due to some life circumstances. Moving primarily. We also had quite a few doctors appointments woven in with our twin pregnancy. It wasn’t a total break, it just wasn’t enough of the most effective type of training for me to maintain my fitness.


It was long enough of a break that I had to back up and start easy…and that’s ok.


It took a few weeks of easy training and ramping back up and now it’s time to start pushing to start making progress. My Coach knows that and my training session was one of the toughest I have had since JUNE! I cursed Coach through the whole training session but guess what?


After one of my tougher sets, I remembered that GROWTH LIES IN THE STRUGGLE!


In fact, it is the only way to adapt. It’s smart to take it easy when you start a new training plan or if you took some time off. But…after building up your base, you’re going to need to push it if you want to adapt. This is for every…single…health…goal.


Even your nutrition plan will require some discomfort to make positive change.


Getting stronger, looking better naked, getting faster, going longer, squatting deeper…the list goes on and they all have the same thing in common…forcing adaptation. Being too comfortable for too long won’t elicit results. Your Coach knows when to push you and when to back off.


Get out of your comfort zone. The only way out is through.