Amy Moore

A few people had encouraged me to try CrossFit but I was pretty convinced I was not in good
enough shape to do it. I didn’t understand the scalability of the workouts at CrossFit and I had no
idea about barbells or any type of gymnastics movements.  Basically I was too scared to try!
At the time I joined CutThroat my brother had been at a CrossFit box in Orlando for 5 years and
he loved it.  My husband Kevin signed up at CutThroat and immediately loved what he was
doing. That’s when I got really curious and decided to give it a try.  I’m so thankful and only
wish I would have gotten involved with CrossFit much much sooner!  I would have loved to
have started in my 20’s or 30’s!

My first impression of CrossFit was very humbling. I thought I was in pretty good shape until I
tried rowing my first 500m at a fast pace, or doing a workout that involved cardio and weights,
or even better doing a workout involving anything that needed to be pressed over my head.
Yikes!  Those first few months were tough (actually all of the workouts are still tough!)!  What
kept me coming back day after day was the people, the friends I was making, the improvements I
saw every week and the coaches.  Honestly, those are still the reasons I love CutThroat – the
people and the continuous improvements.

I have had so many bright spots… The most recent one was doing Murph this past year and doing
all of the pull-ups and push-ups as prescribed! It was also very cool to do that workout alongside
of Kevin and my 11 year old daughter Abby!  A few other bright spots that standout to me were
getting my first full rope climb, linking double-unders and kipping pull-ups!

Right now I’d like to dial in my nutrition to make sure I’m fueling properly for CrossFit and
running.  I’m doing another half marathon this Fall so I’ll be ramping up my running miles
shortly. I’m doing CrossFit 3-4 days per week and the areas to improve on at CrossFit are
endless….  T2B, Pull-ups, Double Unders, and general strength to name a few.  I have a long
way to go with my strength but am just happy to be healthy, active and setting a good example for our four kids.