We want to help you be the healthiest version of yourself.

We want to help make sure you can chase your kids around the yard, build a garden, climb the stairs, run a Father’s Day 5k, avoid disease and decrepitude, reach goals, and enjoy life—and we want to show you that it’s not as complicated or scary as you might think.

We want to show you the power of health and how the work you do in the gym and the kitchen improves your confidence at the office, in school and everywhere else.

We want to help you learn new things, love life and live well.



Men. Women. Mothers. Fathers. Grandparents.

Accountants. Teachers. Doctors. Truck drivers. Students.

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A decade before founding what would become Ideal Collaborative, Brian Bender suffered a ski accident that left him nearly paralyzed in youth.
But the accident that could have ended his athletic career instead taught him the power of training: Through a combination of functional exercise methodologies and sound nutrition and lifestyle practices, he cured his back pain and became the healthiest version of himself.

In 2013, he opened CutThroat CrossFit to pass what he’d learned on to others, and what began as a small garage gym has now grown into a behemoth one-stop shop for all things health and wellness in Lafayette, Colorado. Today, the 6,200-square-foot facility serves a wide range of clients who live in surrounding towns, including Erie, Broomfield and Louisville.

The only business of its kind, Ideal Collaborative is just what its name suggests: a true collaborative of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle professionals all working together to give YOU all the tools you need to get into the best physical and mental shape of your life.


Through our tried and tested objective training systems, we tailor workouts specifically to your needs and coach you through each and every movement, whether you’re training in one of our group-fitness classes (like CrossFit or Fit Over 50) or in a personal-training session with one of our nine expert coaches.

Whether you want to lose 50 lb. of fat, gain 10 lb. of muscle or simply keep up with your grandkids, we’ll teach you how and what to eat to reach your goals. Our Nutrition Coaching Program features three levels of personalized nutrition counseling and accountability services provided by one of our three staff nutritionists.

Wellness is about more than exercise and nutrition, though, and Ideal Collaborative is also here to support you with other health and wellness services—including physical therapy/rehab services and massage. Our biometric testing can tell you exactly how diet and exercise are affecting your body, and our gold standard hydrostatic system is the only one of its kind in the state.

Overall, our services are designed to work together to deliver ideal health and well-rounded fitness to everyone—including you!

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