How did Ideal Collaborative Start?

Brian started learning about Strength Training programs after his near paralyzing back injury in 2003. He did much more than physical therapy when he got out of his full body back brace after 6 months. Through experimentation on himself, he learned how a combination of exercise methodologies combined with a sound nutrition and lifestyle plan could literally completely cure his back pain and make him the healthiest version of himself yet. After a few years of proof, Brian began implementing similar Strength Training Programs for the Youth Hockey Teams that he was coaching…they worked.

Of course, he started training adults after that and it seemed like overnight that Brian found himself with a bunch of Trainer and Nutrition Certifications.

In 2008, Brian was doing some Olympic Style Lifts during a training session in a big box gym. To his chagrin, a manager came over to let him know that the lifts were not permitted in this particular gym and he was asked to leave.

Shortly after, one of Brian’s best childhood friends had just returned from a deployment to Iraq raving about this thing called CrossFit. Brian and his Personal Trainer and hockey Coach friends and colleagues didn’t really know much about CrossFit. His friend convinced him to try a classic CrossFit workout in a community park. It had some pull ups, push ups, squats, and some running.

“This is a joke.” Brian told his friend prior to trying the workout thinking he was in great shape. It turned out to be quite the opposite. It was a great workout and was completely humbling and Brian was hooked. He found out you can perform the Olympic Lifts at CrossFit style gyms, too. CrossFit was what Brian had been looking for during his whole journey since his back injury. It just took him 5 years to find it!

CT CrossFit was born in Brian and Katie’s garage in 2013. We trained a combination of family and friends and before we knew it, we needed more space.

We rented a small flex space in Lafayette, CO in the winter of 2014. It was cozy but we liked it. We ran lots of personal training sessions, some nutrition challenges and 1:1 Coaching, Team Training, and Group CrossFit Training. Later that year, Olympic Weightlifters started training with us as well.

With only 4 trainers in that small space, we had tons of success with our programs. People got toned, some started to see their abs, we had multiple 70+ pound body fat loss stories. People got stronger and more useful in general. People became functional and could enjoy Colorado’s outdoors in a more fulfilling way. On the performance side we trained a Pan American Champion Weightlifter, a Youth National Silver Medalist Weightlifter, Professional and NCAA Division 1 athletes across multiple sports, and more.

It didn’t take long before we had to expand…again. In late 2016 we blew out the wall and doubled in size! We added turf for athletic performance, our barbell club got their own section (Our Youth Barbell Club is the largest Club North of i70 by the way), our CrossFit Group has tons of space, and we have a 1:1 training loft which is just a separate room with some extra special gear. In 2017 we became the Strength and Conditioning Coaches for the Erie High School Tigers Summer Program. For all Sports.


In 2018, we became Ideal Collaborative Health and Fitness. Why? Well, it actually goes back to our roots. Starting with Brian’s experience with his Spine injury and repeating results for more and more clients, we’re onto something bigger than fitness. We know how to Coach people to reach their human potential to become the healthiest version of themselves. Do we still do CrossFit? ABSOLUTELY! But we know that nutrition and lifestyle habits are an even more important part of the equation than fitness. Fitness is part of Health and not the other way around.

At Ideal Collaborative, we have three phenomenal nutritionists who have different specialties and partnered with multiple Registered Dietitians to create the best customized nutrition program for you.


We have the top of the line gold standard for body fat testing in-house. It’s called Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing and we use the results to write your nutrition programs. We have the only in-house Hydrostatic Test in the State of Colorado.

Our way is not the easy way: you won’t see the food pyramid, or elliptical trainers, or TVs here, because those things don’t help you. We are direct in telling you that there is no magic pill. There are no mirrors, no dress code, no smoothie bar—because those things won’t help you either. You need fewer distractions, not more.

Clients who come to Ideal Collaborative are coached. As a coaching organization, we don’t waste time, energy or money on things that won’t help our clients; if something WILL help, we bring in the best. Less chrome, more knowledge. In fact, we’re always learning. We stay up to date with the science so you don’t have to. That’s what the relentless pursuit of excellence means. That’s us. That’s Ideal.


Schedule an appointment today to come in and discuss your goals. We will listen and help create a solution that can help you achieve everything you want and more!