Deana Bull

About 4 years ago I felt really “stuck” and I needed a change in my life and my workout routine.  My sister, at the time, was really into CrossFit and encouraged me to look into it because she knew I would love it.  So I did, it looked super fun and it seemed to be just what I needed but I wasn’t sure it was a possibility for me.  Due to being an athlete most of my life and due to a bit of bad luck I had undergone a total of 9 knee surgeries, I had osteoarthritis and I was ACL deficient in both knees.  But, a friend of mine who knew Coach Brian, told me about this new gym Brian was opening and he urged me to check it out.  After meeting Coach Brian I knew CutThroat was the right gym for me.  He didn’t even blink an eye when I told him my story and explained my limitations. In fact, he reassured me that CrossFit (and squatting) was what I needed, with modifications of course.  I have to admit I was nervous that I would be judged for rowing instead of running and doing step ups instead of box jumps, but the opposite was true.  Instead I found a super supportive and encouraging community at Cutthroat.  Coach Brian and Cutthroat opened up a whole new world to me and I was hooked!

I have had a number of bright spots at CutThroat, but the most memorable one was when I got my first kipping pull up.  I had been working on them for a while and when I finally got my first one I was so pumped! Honestly though, I think Coach Brian was more excited than me!  He ran to get the camera so he could record me doing my 2nd pull up and he posted it on the CutThroat website.  It was so awesome and that sense of accomplishment was amazing.

Right now I am working on getting as strong as possible for a knee replacement in the spring.  It’s a bummer but I’m not letting it stop me!  Also, I am focusing on improving upper body movements.  I actually got my first couple kipping handstand push up yesterday thanks to Coach Katie and my fellow Cuttie Gavin.  That’s the thing about CrossFit, there is always something more to strive for and with good coaching and community support you can accomplish your goals.

I have a lot of great Cutthroat memories but my favorite ones have to be participating in Friday Night Lights during the CrossFit Open.  The team spirit is always exhilarating and it’s always a blast!